The Housing Market has Flipped

What Makes a Good Website?

As the President and CEO of a real estate website company and who has licensed our website technology to over 20,000 agents world-wide, this is a question that is near and dear to my heart. It’s near and dear to me for two reasons: First, because there is so much wrong information out there from the so-called “experts” and second, because by doing it right, most agents could go from doing almost no business from the internet to nearly all their business from the net. To answer the question, “What makes a good website?…

When Should I Give Up on a Lead?

This question is one that seems to have two answers. I think the correct answer really depends on your perspective on the business. So first, let me explain, and then I’ll give you my answer.

What About Email Drip Campaigns?

I started to name this article, “Drip Campaigns are for Drips!”, which should give you a hint as to what I think of drip campaigns. I changed my mind because I realize that many of us have used drip campaigns or are currently using them. And the reason we do is often because we have been taught that it’s a good idea, and we’re simply following instructions.

5 Steps to Absentee Owner Marketing Profits

Working with absentee owners is one of the easiest markets in real estate. There are essentially only 5 steps you need to take to be successful with absentee owner marketing. This article covers them in detail.

Using A Real Estate Call Capture System To Increase Profitability And ROI

A call capture system represents a potential for both savings and profit for any real estate business, so long as it is properly used. Profitability and return on investments (ROI) are essential in building a business that not only performs but is able to continually generate both interest and profit. In order to do both, a company must employ a system that lets customers contact them immediately, and provides relevant and timely information. This is why many real estate agents are turning to call capture systems.

Social Media for Real Estate

Social Media for Real Estate need not be a complicated and overwhelming task. Recently, I was speaking at a group meeting with several agents and was able to narrow down their main concerns to just two things. Follow along as we start up the Twitter engine for your Real Estate website.

Real Estate Introduction Letter

Do you know the biggest investment most people make in their lifetime? It’s buying or selling their home. Shouldn’t you prepare for this very important decision?

How Often Should Real Estate Agents Contact Their Sphere of Influence?

How often you should contact your sphere of influence depends upon your method of contact. If you’re only asking, contact them quarterly, but if you’re giving value, contact them monthly.

Call Capture System Features That Generate Real Estate Leads

As a real estate agent, generating leads and turning them into sales is the only way to guarantee that your business will succeed, and a call capture system can help drive those leads and sales. Companies and independent agents that fail to create the proper client-driven environment will find themselves short on both customers and time, as properties pile up without being sold. The first step that must be taken by any real estate agent to secure their business is to create a viable method for lead generation.

Why Don’t Even More Real Estate Agencies Do Business Article Marketing?

This article teaches real estate agents how to have a steady influx of online referrals. No matter how well connected or experienced you are as an agent, your offline referral network cannot match the power of Google.

Real Estate Investor Website: Autoresponder Is Critical

Three of the most important features of a real estate investor website are content, lead capture pages, and an effective autoresponder. The market made a dramatic shift for real estate professionals in 2008. The top earning Realtors and Investors have adapted. They have mastered the online business tools to consistently produce despite the current housing crisis.

Online Real Estate University

A new wave of real estate education is under way in the mid-south region. The start up of this real estate University is underway and thriving to say the least. The number of student enrollment is climbing drastically after only a few months since its opening.

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