The Last Negative Catalyst for Crypto.

Free Trash Bags? A Safety and Marketing Lesson

If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Every once in awhile I’ll talk to a new investor and they’re talking to me at 90 miles an hour and I can hear the excitement and enthusiasm in their voice.

The Truth About Appraisal Management Companies

The appraisal industry has seen quite a few changes in the last year. While some have hailed these changes as progress, others have protested them greatly. When the HVCC laws took effect, there were a large number of new appraisal management companies that opened.

AMC Directory Lists – Working With Appraisal Management Companies

In the last year, there have been many changes that real estate appraisers have had to adapt to. Due to new rules laid out by the HVCC, appraisers have lost a lot of the regular business, and have had an extremely hard time finding new business with appraisal management companies, or AMC’s.

Who Controls the Appraisal Management Companies?

It was a little over a year ago that the entire appraisal industry was turned upside down. Due to new laws and the influx of appraisal management companies, a customer can get confused with the false representations, promises or guarantees. Appraisers are left to wade through the confusion that has become their profession.

Real Estate Videos

Are you a real estate agent with your own website? Do you want to promote more houses or more information about yourself? Well if the answer to these questions is yes then, maybe it is time to start using videos on your website.

Call Capture Success Hints and Tips

A solution to acquiring leads and then converting them into sales is call capture technology. With so many avenues of marketing (such as Internet, postcards, newspapers and flyers to name just a few) putting your name and listings in front of the customer is only the first step.

Why Should People Use Appraisal Management Companies?

It has been some time since the newest HVCC rules were instituted for the appraisal industry. In that time, many things have changed. The newest HVCC rules required that almost all transactions pertaining to real estate appraisal be dealt with through an appraisal management company. Traditionally, appraisal management companies, or AMCs, do not have the best reputation, due to various factors and this has caused some concern for appraisers.

Stronger Property Demonstration

By having intimate knowledge of the other competing homes in the marketplace, we can draw a contrast between our house and others. This is especially valuable to our Sellers in homogeneous neighborhoods.

How to Get Real Estate Leads Without Spending a Lot of Money

Here’s a tested, proven, lead-generation strategy I’ve taught to the By Referral Only Community for more than 20 years. It’s an easy, inexpensive, effective way to generate real estate leads for your business right now.

You Too Can Get Real Estate Branding

Forgive me for dragging the Donald here in my post today. I just can’t help but share one site’s comment when his family opened Trump Soho weeks ago.

Active and Passive Mortgage Realtor Marketing Compared

In the world of real estate, brokers are all as good as the strategies they use. When competition is high, there is all the more a need for one to use the best proven techniques while vying for sales. Although the market itself may experience some instability, it will continue to exist and everything will be in the hands of those who play a vital role in it.

Appearances Count – Do Yours Make a Positive First Impression?

Fair or unfair, prospective clients and customers judge you based on how you look the first time they see you. Or, they judge you based on how your products look. Either way, it pays to pay attention to appearances.

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