The Stock Madness Continues

Key For Generating Real Estate Leads

Generating more real estate leads is not an easy job. For real estate agents, getting the right lead is really tough. It is their hard work, sincerity and dedication that has enabled them in emerging as leaders.

Real State Agent Leads Tools

Countless home buyers use Google to browse for real estate information each month. Google offers a full suite of tools for real estate professionals that let you reach prospects in your region at all stages of their home search – while they’re looking for properties, checking out locations, and selecting an agent or broker. It’s how you reach more sellers, attract more buyers, and sell more homes.

Real Estate Marketing Strategies – Getting Your Clients to Buy Now!

Having been a real estate coach for the past 12 years, I often hear these statements from my real estate clients: 1. Nobody is buying these days 2. Everyone thinks prices are going to go lower 3. My clients are indecisive and wishy-washy 4. How I get my clients to listen to me? This article provides a strategy to motivate your “on the fence” clients.

Word of Advice to Real Estate Professionals Who Attend Church

Many real estate professionals are church-goers and most often they do not solicit or attempt to hand out business cards at Church, as that would be quite tacky. Most of the members in their congregation are aware that they sell real estate anyway. Its okay to do social networking at church events, such as fundraisers, and it makes sense to volunteer as well. Of course, it is a no-no to be handing out business cards during church activities, unless someone asks for one and they will.

How to Market Income Property and Appease Investment Property Specialists

Browse the listing inventory of any real estate office and you should expect to see some investment properties listed for sale by a residential real estate agent. Mostly duplexes or triplexes, but occasionally residential real estate agents also sell larger apartment complexes. Having been a real estate professional myself for the past thirty years, I applaud any colleague with enough grit to sell real estate, let alone income property.

Buy a Brand New Home – Six Months No Payments Financing – Limited Time Only

So, I am reading thru the newspaper the other day, yes with a pair of scissors and a highlighter, that’s me, you know the type. Trying to keep a pulse on society, consumers and various industries, government agencies, politics and information, but unlike other people you know who do this, I have an excuse. I am the coordinator for the Online Think Tank, amongst other endeavors. Plus, you know it also allows me to monitor the mass media hysteria over the real estate market.

Strategies For Thawing Out A Frozen Market

With the federal government still waiting to more actively address the frozen market for home sales and mortgages, both builders and existing homeowners stuck with unwanted inventory have, by necessity, become much more creative. From housing swaps, auctions and providing insurance against pricing declines to leveraging unused home equity with reverse mortgages or offering hard money property loans, some sellers and buyers are finding that a little ingenuity can sometimes trump a market in paralysis.

Elevating the Extraordinary Within the Ordinary – Effective Home Marketing Made Simple

Often, it’s the little unexpected twist which can deliver the most bang for the buck. It can also create raving fans from a ‘ho hum seen it all before audience.” At a time where cynicism about the real estate transaction is at an all time high, the door is wide open to incorporate a New Twist in the ways we serve our clients. Making real estate fun and engaging is something that every professional in the industry can do with just a little effort, creativity and imagination.

Real Estate Agent Marketing

The real estate agent represents somebody in the business. The main point is – “Who does the mediator represent?” The North Real Estate Commission has shaped an instructive brochure meant to protect patrons. The “Working with Real Estate Agents Brochure” explains who’s a seller’s agent, dual agent, and buyer’s agent represent in the business. Every real estate agent is required by the North Real Estate expenses to present and explain the catalog with those seeking the services of a real estate agent.

Real Estate ROI Simplified

There are many factors entailed in the calculation of real estate ROI. The process can be a bit difficult, but rewarding in the end.

Real Opportunities in Real Estate

There are real opportunities in the market now, and for the next couple years for buyers that know how to work intelligently with real estate agents, banks and lenders, and sellers. This article gives you a heads up.

Turning A Negative Into A Positive – Three Tips To Make Money In A Down Real Estate Market

There has been a increasing number of negative reports and stories on how the real estate market is turning bad. The following are some tips to turn a negative situation into a positive one with some creative thinking and a ability to adapt to changing environments. Even in a down market there are many ways to make money on real estate.

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