The Stock Market Goes Up

Avoiding Writing Bad Blog Posts For Your Real Estate Site

Look around at some Realtor sites yourself and see what kind of blog posts you find. What type of posts pique your interest? Try to use these blogs as a jumping off point for other topics that you think might interest your readers so that they’ll come back to your blog on a regular basis and maybe even share your thoughts with others.

Tips on How to Make Your Real Estate Business Blog Be Effective

We cannot deny the fact that blogs nowadays are one of the most effective and inexpensive real estate internet marketing tools that brokers, agents and real estate professionals are preferred to use. Over the past few years the use of blogs in promoting a real estate business have been growing in an extremely rapid rate.

Real Estate Marketing – Start a Blog For Your Business

Blogging is a perfect medium of communication between the real estate agents and their prospect and clients. That is why almost all of the real estate agents have their own blog site for them to be competitive with others in the recent time.

Does Your Real Estate Business Need an Assistant?

You may feel you don’t need an assistant, but your business may be telling a different story. Read more to find out if this sounds like you!

Realtor and Lender Dialogue – The Optimal Time to Ask For Referrals

As a realtor or lender, do you know the optimal time to ask your client for a referral? And do you have the dialogue to ask at the right time, in the right way? Just think of the difference it would make to your business if half of the clients you help buy, sell or borrow – introduced you to your next client.

Improve Signage and Grow Your Real Estate Business

Are you a realtor who is sick of taking calls from tire kickers? While it’s easy to shrug this consumer off as a so-called tire kicker, you are really missing the point.

Cash is Not the Only King in Today’s Market

Everyone knows that cash is king, but there is something else at work in today’s market. So much cash has been pulled out of the stock market that there is competition for a consistent flow of high yield, high quality, high dollar investments. People with cash need a steady source of income producing assets to invest in. Position yourself to provide the needed assets and you will live like a king.

Real Estate Call Capture – Can You Risk Not Using It?

Call capture is a valuable tool for agents that don’t want to risk losing quality leads due to the inability to track them. With mirrored extensions, an agent doesn’t have to risk wasting their advertising dollars on marketing that doesn’t work. And the immediate call notification means that agents don’t have to risk missing out on a lead because they never even knew the prospective client looked at the property. Read on to find out if you can risk not using it in your real estate business.

Farming Your Crop of Clients

When I was working in real estate many years back we used a term called “farming”. If you refer to the term “farming” from Wikipedia: The term farming covers a wide spectrum of agricultural production work. At one end of this spectrum is the subsistence farmer, who farms a small area with limited resource inputs, and produces only enough food to meet the needs of his/her family.

The 5-5-5 System Of Success

Too often, Agents get to cruising altitude, and they cut the power of their prospecting and lead follow-up. They could be tired because it takes energy to get a listing inventory. They could be focusing on servicing their clients. The danger with their strategy is they lose momentum.

Marketing – You’re Fired!

Let me ask you a hypothetical question. If you hired a sales person to help you boost business, you gave him/her a quota, and he/she rarely if ever hit that quota, what would you do? Would you keep this person around?

Putting Clients First – Real Estate

Roughly 16 to 18 kilometers away from Sydney’s busy central business district, Epping is one of the most popular places in Australia to reside in. Known for its beautiful suburbs and a frequent meeting spot for many young people, Epping is being marked as a place where business growth works hand in hand with recreation and relaxation, allowing most of its residents to enjoy all the amenities that allow for modern convenience, without the hectic hustle and bustle of city life. Real estate in Epping therefore, is becoming heavily sought after.

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