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Pay-Per-Click Internet Marketing For Realtors – A Special Twist to Save You a Boat Load of Cash

So what’s one of the fastest ways to jump start the flow of traffic to your website or blog as a Realtor? Pay-per-click internet marketing! It costs money but I’m going to show you a twist that may save you some cash, with Facebook. Pay-per-click internet marketing is simple but it’s not. It’s cheap but it isn’t.

Realtor Marketing Plan Ideas – The Ultimate Walking Billboard to Generate High Quality Leads

This is a pretty simple Realtor marketing weapon but overlooked by most agents. Yes, it can be a bit cheesy but only if you make it cheesy. The most famous example of this technique would probably be the “yellow jacket wearing” agents (company name will remain nameless but you can guess).

Classified Ads Marketing For Realtors – Nobody Reads Newspapers Anymore, Right?

While you can advertise and market your real estate services in a number of different ways online, you can still hit a percentage of prospects offline with classified ads marketing in the newspapers and other offline publications. Plus, many publications are now going online so you can get your ad posted both ways.

Realtor Social Media Sites – Turn Prospects Into Clients Even Quicker

Realtor social media sites are excellent marketing weapons. And I do mean excellent! They’re popping up all over the web these days.

Billboard Advertising For Realtors – How to Double the Number of Times Your Prospects See Your Ad

Consumers are, for the most part, visual. Most of us would rather watch a movie or TV rather than read a book or listen to talk radio. Sure, those media methods have their place but you can’t deny the visual tendencies we have as consumers. Therefore, billboard advertising takes advantage of that perfectly.

Copywriting For Real Estate Agents – If You Want to Close More Deals, You Need Powerful Copywriting!

When we talk about copywriting for real estate agents, it pertains not only to sales letters you might be writing and sending to your list but also classified ads, postcards, your website, business cards, everything that is a marketing piece for your services that uses text. Copywriting for real estate agents boils down to writing great sales pitches, essentially.

Vehicle Wraps For Realtors – Marketing on Autopilot While Driving Your Kids to School

You spend a majority of your day driving around town, showing houses, going on listing appointments, meeting with clients, checking out comps and going to open houses and broker’s opens. Prospects are going to see your vehicle everywhere you go so why not leverage that to your advantage and turn it into a marketing machine?

Use an Interactive Map to Display Real Estate Listings With Ease

Interactivity is becoming an important element for websites today — whether it is for commercial or personal use. This type of interactivity is crucial to the operations of a business website and would spell success or failure for a brand, product or service. The real estate industry is no exception to this online trend. Find out how a custom real estate map with clickable areas and linkable regions can help your website.

Internet Article Marketing For Realtors – Create a Flood of Leads

So how can you position yourself as a leading authority in real estate and have masses of traffic flooding your website? “Internet article marketing”. If you can write an email, you can do internet article marketing as a Realtor or agent. Don’t worry if you don’t actually “feel” like a leading authority; you have more expertise than you know. And don’t be scared either; you don’t need to be an English major to do this.

Setting The Right Prospecting Goals

Selecting the right level of daily prospecting is essential to your success. When you begin the discipline of prospecting, the number of contacts you make daily is really, at best, an educated guess.

Marketing Ideas For Realtors – Not Your Typical Open House Prospecting

When you hold an open house, you probably do it to sell your own personal listing and generate buyer leads. Or you might have the same intentions when holding another Realtor’s or agent’s open house that’s in your office. It’s a common marketing method. Nothing new, right? But what marketing materials do you use other than your mouth and a business card?

Business Card Marketing Ideas For Realtors – Business Cards on Steroids

Unless your real estate brokerage mandates that you have a certain business card template, you need to start mixing things up and get crazy with your business card marketing. Your card needs to look different from every other Realtor’s and agent’s business card out there.

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