The Truth about the AMC Short Squeeze

The Best Way To Find Home Buyers Leads

Foreclosure! It cannot overemphasized, the importance of those words in the marketplace today. The largest number of home buyers leads is in response to those words. The statistics show that 51% of buyers are buying foreclosed properties today. The key is in getting those words in front of prospective buyers.

Important Aspects Of Real Estate Listings

An excellent real estate website has a feature called real estate listings. Without it a website would be inadequate because this is the part of the site that people who are interested in buying or selling their properties would often visit. The list not only draws visitors but also facilitates the website to take hold of their interest. It also informs and updates the visitors to your website about your products or services. Once the people are informed of the uniqueness or the brilliance of your products and services you will no longer have any problem in earning for your site.

Realtors – Is the Military Niche Right For You?

If you live near a military base, consider choosing to help military families as your niche. The benefits are many, and you’ll be helping those who help the country.

I’M Done Trying to Market on Craigslist

Trying to market on Craigslist can be really tough and I’m sure many think that its the best and easiest way to market in real estate investing. Well I have a different tell.

Real Estate Marketing – Use Autoresponders To Build Your Prospect List

Autoresponders are an efficient and cost-effective way to gather new prospects. Use them to create trusting relationships and maintain top of mind awareness with your buyers and sellers of the future.

Target Marketing Commercial Real Estate for Sale or for Lease

Target marketing of commercial real estate is critical to the success of the sale for the client and for you the agent. Sure the price and the method of sale mean something, but are you tapping into the right target market?

Exclusive Listings Mean a Better Sale for the Client

Property listings are best marketed when the client gives you exclusivity as the broker to sell the property. In this way you can target the right buyer and control the promotional campaign towards the best outcome.

Property Proposals to Win New Business

Your new business proposal in commercial real estate is only part of the equation in winning new listings. The rest is up to you to display market knowledge, marketing skill, negotiation skill, and the contacts that match the property target market.

Call Capture Allows Agents To Stop Buying Real Estate Leads

Are your currently purchasing real estate leads to help increase business? Find out how using a call capture service can generate leads from your own listings, increasing business and profits.

Real Estate Marketing – The Cure for Boring Ads

Most real estate ads are factual and boring. Use input from the sellers to learn the benefits of the home and make your ad copy come alive.

Tips on How to Market a Home

Trying to sell an Austin home can be a challenge in tough economic times. The more exposure given to an Austin home for sale, the more likely it is that it will sell more quickly. In modern times, there are many different avenues for marketing Austin real estate. Some are more expensive than others, and some are more effective than others. Using several methods at once gives the best exposure. The more people that see it, the faster it will sell and at a higher asking price. Here are a few ways to market an Austin home.

Are We All In The Future Yet?

Our Economy, someday, will get back on track. That Day we will still be searching for the real deal in Real Estate. We will have passed by the Real Estate prices of today saying “It will bottom out soon,” “Mortgage rates will get lower,” “Our Realtor will give us a better commission rate.” The future is around the corner.

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