The Truth about the AMC Stock Squeeze.

Marketing Your Real Estate Services

Now that the boom times in real estate are over, agents need to market aggressively if they wish to succeed. Here’s how.

Using a Virtual Home Tour to Market Your Home

A virtual home tour is the technique employed to give you a display of a home available for sale to Internet users. It’s made of still or online video media shots of a property.

Real Estate Training in General

The population is on a continuous rise and the number of people in the world is increasing every second. The number of people that are added to the world’s population per second is very high and with the advent of modern machines and advancement in the field of medicine the death rate has decreased as a result of which less people die now than the number of people that are born.

Seven Splendid Reasons Why You Should Hire a Buyer’s Advocate

Buyers advocates or buyers agents are capable real estate professionals who are hired by people interested in buying property. Unlike traditional real estate agents, buyers advocates only work for purchasers. Their goal is to achieve the best possible purchase price for their clients, as well as make sure their rights are being respected.

Real Estate Coaching for Better Performance

The human population is increasing day by day and hence the requirements of the people are also increasing at a comparatively very fast pace. Amongst the basic requirements of a person is to have shelter and thus having a home for living, where one can be safe and feel free to do whatever he likes is necessary.

Real Estate Postcard Marketing

The real estate business is all about getting your name exposed to the public and to offer your services to them. In this industry you are responsible, in large part, for representing and promoting yourself. There are many ways to accomplish this, and using postcards is one great way to get your marketing plan started.

How to Survive a Double Dip in the Property Market

Many financial experts are predicting a double dip recession in the property market throughout the UK. These rumors were somewhat quelled due a slight increase-emphasis on slight-over last spring, but since that time the prices have been declining or basically at stalemate. Buyers are sitting on their hands, and due to the aforementioned slight increase people pushed a huge amount of property into the marketplace.

5 Mortgage Marketing Ideas

Marketing is the most important activity for a mortgage broker. Success in the mortgage business depends on a continuous stream of qualified customers. Marketing is the process that drives the business. There are a wide variety of marketing strategies that a mortgage broker can employ. Some are more effective than others but all of them require constant effort and attention.

How to Become the Real Estate Rock Star of Your Area

Offline marketing or online marketing — What works the best? I say a well planned combination of both! Let me tell you about a story that involved my “deadly duo” — Newsletter and a notepad, farmed the first week of the month, each and every month.

What Can Real Estate Agents Offer As Marketing Incentives?

Real estate agents can’t offer “cents off coupons” and few want to offer discounted commissions. Here’s something you can offer with “no purchase required” that will increase your popularity with out of town buyers.

Internet Marketing Your Investment Property

So you’ve made the decision to make additional income by flipping or wholesaling investment real estate, and you’ve acquired the property following a profit formula. What is your plan to market the property to find a buyer? The percentage of homes purchased by people looking online can’t be ignored.

Why Absentee Owner Marketing?

Absentee owners are a profitable niche for real estate investors. Learn the 5 reasons why absentee owners are the best motivated sellers. In this article, you’ll learn the top 5 benefits of absentee owner marketing and how to get started.

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