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Real Estate Follow Up Marketing

Did you know more than 75% of all sales/conversions occur on or after the fifth contact? If you’re only doing one or two follow-ups, you’re only making 25% of the potential income that you could potentially make just by following up six to eight times.

What is All the Hype About “The Yellow Letter”?

Whether you’re a new or experienced real estate investor, you’ve certainly heard about the yellow letter. It’s an intriguing title for a marketing tool, indeed. But why all the hype? What is about this “yellow letter” that can have the whole country of gurus standing on their heads preaching about this letter? Read More to Find Out!

Real Estate Marketing – Turn Your Past Customers in to Ambassadors

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have all your clients come to you through referrals? I think most of us would love the ability to stay on the forefront of our past clients, friends and family members mind. People love to give referrals when you have served their needs well and have kept in touch with them continually. One of the most professional ways to keep in touch with a client is to constantly show appreciation and gratitude towards them. To keep in touch it is imperative to set a goal to contact each person 8 times a year which is about once every 45 days. opportunity for a referral arises.

Finding Motivated Sellers Part 1

Being a successful real estate investor requires you to consistently find motivated seller. If you are not finding motivated sellers on a consistent basis then your business is going to dry up and disappear.

Real Estate Markets – Are You Sick of Realtors and Mortgage Brokers Lying to You?

Do you want to buy a house or invest in property? Are you tired of Realtors and Mortgage Brokers working against you? Find out about Real Estate Referral Services, a FREE service that actually looks out for YOUR best interest!

Real Estate Marketing – Free Marketing

The main purpose of Real Estate Marketing whether by using mail-outs, thank you cards, or birthday cards is to sell more homes. Many Realtors are searching and searching for a Golden Goose of Real Estate Marketing. What they have failed to see is if they would turn around and show appreciation to their past customers they would find their customers are the Golden Goose they have been searching for. The key is to learn how to feed the goose to get golden eggs.

Bicycle Realtors – The Next Generation in Real Estate Marketing?

For those who are not die-hard cyclists, the bicycle realtor may still be a good choice. You would be surprised at how much less stressful a house-hunt is if you spend a good part of the day leisurely cycling from one house to the next. Even if you’re determined to use the car to get around, that’s okay. Just don’t be too surprised if your realtor gets there before you on two wheels!

How Agents Succeed in Real Estate – They Apply the Best Marketing Practices

The most successful real estate agents attract clients by using the best marketing practices. By following these same practices, all agents can sell more real estate.

Real Estate Marketing Strategies – Secret Locations

The simple fact is that by omitting listing addresses, Realtors are attempting to switch from working in the Sellers best interest to working in the Realtors best interest. This shell game of leaving the address out of is done for no other reason than for the agents financial gain and it is just plain wrong.

3 Steps to Optimize Internet Real Estate Marketing

Marketing on the Internet can be a broad and confusing objective. There are a myriad of different opportunities and each has it’s unique nuance and strategy for success. Getting the most out of your Internet marketing spend is linked to building a system of metrics and adjustments.

Increasing Your Slice Of The Market

There is nothing that attracts business more easily than dominant market share. When you have increased your slice of the pie to the point that it dwarfs your competition, the prospects begin to seek you out.

Some Realtors Are Thrown Under Their Own Bus!

The National Association of Realtors is guilty of the dissemination of information that should be privy to the members only. Giving unfair advantage to the larger Real Estate sales firms over the smaller “mom and pops” offices.

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