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Realtors – How to Sell a Vintage Home

Do you list vintage homes? If so, each of those homes probably has an interesting history. Find it, and tell it’s story to charm and entice prospective buyers.

Secrets to Attracting Motivated Sellers

What is the most effective method of advertising in which to connect to your target market? The answer to this question is where many real estate professionals struggle. This article will detail how to get a double digit response rate to your target market!

Tag Lines, Themes, and Realtor Self-Promotion

Want to stand out and be remembered by current and past clients? Create a tag line and a theme for your marketing materials. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Proven Marketing Strategies For Real Estate Agents

You will develop your own marketing strategies that are unique to you as your confidence grow and your knowledge expand, make it fun, have many laughs and turn every client into a friend that will recommend you and you will always be in demand. Life as an estate agent can be very rewarding but it takes commitment to succeed.

Potentially the Greatest Residential Rental Marketing Opportunity in Industry History!

Residential property managers, leasing agents, and owners often show little imagination marketing their product. At the same time, since early in the century rental housing has experienced steadily declining market share as a total part of the housing market. Additionally, rental housing’s market customer base has been notoriously transient. Because of this, the lack of imagination is not surprising and is perhaps even justified. However, the recent recession, consumer balance sheet improvement interest, changing demographics, lost faith in housing’s asset value, and more challenging credit is set to potentially move rental housing consumers from transient to long term customers.

Real Estate Call Capture Giving Agents a Leg Up on Their Competition

Savvy real estate agents having started to display a toll free number on ‘for sale’ signs and other marketing materials. When prospective buyers call the number, they are greeted by an automated system, which is accessible 24 hours a day. In this way, real estate leads can be generated whether or not the office is actually open. This technology is referred to as call capture.

How Can the iPad Help You in Real Estate?

What is this new device and how can it help improve your real estate business? The device we are talking about is the new Apple iPad and it is changing the way everyone uses the computer.

Passive and Active Real Estate Marketing

In real estate marketing, there is so much competition among agents and realtors that it becomes critical not only to attract clients but, more importantly, to be trusted enough when they say they are better than the next real estate firm down the block. Many techniques have been explored from call capture systems to lead generating software yet sometimes, not even the best of these new technologies work.

The HVCC Frequently Asked Questions

The new rules that went into affect as of May 1, 2009 caused a great upheaval in the appraisal community. With their implementation, many appraisers simply quit, and new trainees walked away from the business before they ever really got started. There are still plenty of appraisers, however that need clarification.

Regions With the Highest Drop in Home Prices

Throughout the country, there have been varying degrees of success, and trouble, within the housing market. Some have certainly fared better than others, and while many are quick to blame the individuals states in which these regions lies as a part of the problem with their housing market, the answer is not always as clear cut as it may seem on the surface.

Realtor Self-Promotion – What to Write in Your Blog, and Why You Should

If you’ve been resisting blogging because it just seems silly, give it another thought. Your well-written blog can increase your exposure, add to your site’s search engine optimization, and establish you as the expert in your niche.

Buy to Let Investment Property – Learn the Tips on How to Make This a Success

There are lots of benefits that you will receive if you would buy to let investment property because of the fact that it is highly regarded as a long-term investment. In comparison to shares and stocks, this is absolutely easier to comprehend. If your goal this year is to secure the financial situation of your family, all you have to do is choose buying investment property as your investment option.

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