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Top 10 Tips on Getting the Most Out of Your Rental Advertisement

A brief rundown of the top 10 things you can do to improve your rental advertisements and maximise your rental revenues. From how to select where to place your advertise and what to include to how to gain repeat bookings.

Improve Your Newsletters and Become a Top Producing Realtor

Can tabloids tell you how to market your real estate business? You may be surprised to find that they can. This article explores how tabloids get you to open to the next page. You need to learn how to get people to read your e-mail and newsletters.

How Real Estate News Letters Can Generate Leads

How would you feel if someone stuffed you into a small box? How do you think your marketing plan feels? Advertising space is expensive and it stuffs your message into a small box. Learn how to break free and soar with the eagles. Learn the power of newsletter marketing.

The Changing Face of Real Estate Marketing

Does advertising work anymore? Or is it just a waste of money? Most businesspeople would agree that you have to get your message out. But what is the best way to do that? How do newsletters compare to newspaper ads?

Can Newsletters Help Realtors Build a Referral Network?

Networking takes time. How should you invest your time to make networking generate referrals for you? This article explores a few ideas on the subject of masterful network creation.

When Do Realtors Find Time to Write Newsletters?

Every Realtor faces the problem of getting too busy with administrative tasks. They need a way to market themselves that is cost effective and produces results. This article explores the correct way to use newsletters to generate referrals.

Lead Generation For Savvy Realtors – How to Write Effective Newsletters

You need leads! And you need new business. But how do you get it? You need to promote yourself. But that can be an expensive problem. In this article I share a few insights into effective newsletter promotion that can help you control costs and improve your results.

Realtor Newsletter Secrets That Get Referrals

Realtors need an effective way to stay in touch with their past clients and network to cultivate referrals. This article explores some of the methods used to create effective and enticing newsletters to promote your agency.

How Did a Realtor’s Newsletter Help a Dad Protect His Daughter?

You will be surprised to discover just how important newsletters can be to home owners. People need good information and they need to know how to stay out of danger. If your newsletter helps people solve problems they will surely generate referrals. This article look at an example of how newsletters can help people.

Are Free Real Estate Buyer Leads Worth Your Time?

If you are in the real estate business then you are probably familiar with the term “lead generation”. It is important to generate leads in order for your real estate business to grow, but many individuals are still having difficulty in coming up with effective lead generation techniques.

Strategies For Finding Good Deals

Regardless of whether you are in real estate wholesales or buying real estate for long term profits or simply a casual investor, deal finding is crucial to success in the real estate industry. Most wholesalers have investor lists. Many have a small core to which they divulge information of new deals. If you are serious about buying property and making profitable deals you need to be in their core group and among the first ones to call or shall we say, the only one.

Real Estate Buyer Leads – Traditional Methods May Not Be Best For Success

Land property is an asset. It is sought after by a lot of people. Dwellings, houses, residences, buildings, commercial establishments, farms, gardens, parks, shopping centers, parking lots, and just about anything can be done with a property. To find those prospective clients looking for a property to buy, real estate agents must come up with various strategies. Some strategies fall under out-of-the-box methods, while some are traditional methods to get real estate buyer leads.

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