What Cathie Wood (Ark Invest) JUST Admitted about Inflation.

Real Estate for Lease Vinyl Banners That Are Light Weight

Your real estate business wants light weight real estate for lease vinyl banners so they are easy to transport to the various lease projects. They are also easy to erect so they don’t require an entire office staff to put them up for display.

Your Mental Attitude Will Determine Your Success in Real Estate

The attitude you bring to real estate sales will determine your success or failure. Make sure everything about you says “I expect to succeed.”

How to Create Fantastic Real Estate Flyers

Looking to take your marketing campaigns to the next level and attract more potential buyers and sellers. Create fantastic professionally designed real estate flyers in the matter of minutes. Find out here.

Marketing Luxury Real Estate: Think Like a Journalist

Many luxury real estate marketing professionals believe that the primary purpose of blogging is to increase their website traffic. It is true that a great blog can actually account for more traffic to your website than traffic generated when search engines, like Google, display your website/blogsite at the top of their search results pages (and users click through). However, more traffic is actually a by-product of your blog not the purpose. The real purpose of your blog is to build an ever-expanding local, national and international sphere of influence, a stronger referral base, and an audience of raving fans who recognize you as an expert in your field.

Marketing Luxury Real Estate: Tap Into the High Net Worth Mindset

It is important for luxury real estate marketing professionals to follow the luxury trends outside of real estate. The more you tap into the mindset of potential high net worth clients the greater your chances are to gain their trust and their business.

Marketing Luxury Real Estate: When Should Your Name Become Your Personal Brand?

There is a debate that still continues about using your name as your personal brand in luxury real estate marketing. Here is the best test to determine when it is advisable to do so: Ask yourself, “Are you ready to achieve celebrity status in your marketplace?” If you are prepared to have your name stand for a particular market niche that you can dominate, we say, “Go for it!”

Marketing Luxury Real Estate: Ride the Wave of Change Part 1

When Apple announced that it sold one million iPads in its first 28 days it was less than one half the time it took to sell 1million iPhones which took 74 days. Over 300,000 iPads were sold in one weekend upon the release of their 3G model (anytime internet access wherever there is 3G coverage vs. the less expensive model that accesses the web in Wi-Fi hotspots only). This phenomenon has very important implications for luxury real estate marketing professionals that we will cover in a three-part blog series.

Marketing Luxury Real Estate: Ride the Wave of Change Part 2

The stunning sales velocity that Apple has achieved with the iPad is truly inspiring. As a luxury real estate marketing professional, when you study and stay focused on these kinds of results you will attract more of what you want for yourself.

Marketing Luxury Real Estate: Create Your Own Niche

As a luxury real estate marketing expert, if you want to be best in class in your market place you must define your class or your niche. Here is an example of niche marketing. If the niche does not exist, you need to create it.

Marketing Luxury Real Estate: How Do You Stay In Touch?

How do you stay in touch? Are you staying in touch with your clients after the sale? Staying in touch does not mean boring them with articles about recent real estate related court cases, the real estate market report for their area, the current loans rates, or telling them to change the batteries in their smoke alarms. Boring, canned, impersonal e-newsletters just do not cut it anymore with web-savvy clients and friends.

Changed Address Recently? Self-Inking Rubber Stamps Can Help!

Ever hear of rubber stamps? If not, Then your missing out on one of today greatest tools for use in the home or office environments that can really help you save time. Self-inking rubber stamps are handy little tools that have a personalized rubber die plate with your personalized text or images. They are self-inking so there is never a need for any messy ink pads like with the past traditional wood rubber stampers. These high quality rubber stampers can make impression after impression.

How To Best Utilize Real Estate Agents Leads

You are confident of making the sale with the right customer who is looking to buy now. You have the confidence in knowing your product and how to present it. With a list of clients who are currently in the market to buy, you will close the deal.

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