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The NAR 2009 Buyer-Seller Survey and What it Means to Your Marketing

The National Association of Realtors just released its 2009 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers. The new report is full of useful marketing information. This article identifies and predicts the most important marketing trends for real estate website marketing in 2010.

7 Deadly Cold Calling Mistakes

Have you ever tried cold calling? Who hasn’t? In the real estate tough market, cold calling is always a way to gaining prospects but not too may brokers are fan of this method. The article below will help you improve your cold calling ways whether or not you are a fan.

Free Advertising on the Internet

Business owners and entrepreneurs know that success breeds success. When you surround yourself by successful people and do what they do, you increase your chances of being successful. You become almost successful by association yourself.

Come Out in the Open

Come out in the open and let the world know that you buy real estate. There are many ways to step up your marketing and let people know that you buy houses. It costs money to advertise. Learn all about cost effective marketing tools.

A Marketing Plan Makes Deals Happen

If you are in real estate business or an investor are you waiting for real estate opportunities to come your way or are you doing something for finding them. Opportunities for buying property do not come and fall in your lap on their own. You have to take direct control and make deals happen. The best way to survive in real estate industry is to make deals happen and for that you need to have a marketing plan in place.

Innovative Distribution Strategies – Selling Innovative Products

Sometimes the most important feature of a purchase is when and where people can buy it. With innovative distribution strategies, you can capture sales from your competitors by being more convenient or available than other options.

How to Mail Property-For-Sale Postcards – Cents Per Postcard

As an investor inclined towards holistic property for sale marketing, it is possible to have sellers calling out of a very affordable and inexpensive marketing means. This is the use of postcards which works absolute wonders if one is inclined on mailing his marketing message to all homes that are situated in a given area or even a specific neighborhood.

Market Your Home Through Good Pictures

Home selling is a rather painstaking task for most homeowners. But there are certain strategies that can lessen the stress of multiple tasks and even contribute to guaranteeing a profitable sale. One of these marketing techniques is taking great pictures of your home. Through good photos, you can definitely grab as much attention from potential buyers all the more.

To Ensure Referrals Stay in Touch With Past Buyers and Sellers

Smart real estate agents make it a point to stay in touch with past clients. Buyers and sellers who were happy with your service will send referrals, but only if they remember to do so. A monthly letter will help you maintain top of mind awareness with them.

Houses For Sale – Using the Internet to Buy Or Sell a House

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a house, the internet can be an essential tool in your venture. When someone is looking for houses for sale, 80% will start by looking online.

5 Steps For Earning Commissions in a Challenging Market

The recession has taken effect to any kind of business – badly! We all needed to stay focused and beat the odds in order for our own businesses to survive. But what does it take? Read on the article below to maintain your commercial real estate business in shape.

How to Get Clients With LinkedIn

Remember what you learned the first day on the job in commercial real estate? You learned that the most important thing in the business is “Location Location Location” – they lied! It’s actually “Relationship Relationship Relationship”; and today this holds more importance than ever before!

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