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Three Key Evaluations When Hiring A Buyer’s Agent

Champion Lead Agents don’t have unlimited hours to evaluate Buyer’s Agent candidates. An effective, simple system must be developed to separate the wheat from the chaff in candidates. It’s also a lot more complex and difficult to bring them in for a few days for a trial run like you might with an Administrative Assistant you are considering hiring. You can see how an Administrative Assistant will perform in a few days. It will take you weeks to see results from a Buyer’s Agent.

Real Estate Agents – Realize You Are Marketing To One Person at a Time

Real estate agents, and others who prospect for clients, should remember that you may be writing to dozens of people, but they’re reading your message as individuals. Refine your message and make it appeal to one person at a time.

Online Real Estate Marketing in 2009

The real estate market is starting to turn around and people are starting to make money again. If you are an agent and are looking to get your foot in the door, think about your promotion campaign. There are plenty of online real estate marketing tips that you can take that will get you on the fast-track to success.

Different Ideas For Real Estate Broker Marketing

Real Estate is a very competitive industry and it is important to have the right skills to catch the target audience. There are many different ways agents and brokers go about advertising new homes for sale. Many strategies have been used, and it is the ability to put the right ones into place at the right times is what makes a successful seller. Here, we’ll talk about several real estate broker marketing strategies to become successful in 2009.

Real Estate Broker Marketing Tips

Being a real estate broker can be a lucrative business which can be bring in a lot of new clients if the marketing strategy is done right. To develop a successful real estate broker marketing business, it is important to use the right promotion tools.

Five Great Ideas For Real Estate Closing Gifts

When you close on your first home, a gift is an excellent gesture for the family that has just purchased it. It can be anything from a gift basket that the whole family could enjoy or, individual gifts for each member, including pets! Let’s discuss five great ideas for real estate closing gifts.

Seven Social Media Tips For Real Estate Agents

If you are a real estate agent, then understanding how to use social media to draw in business is not difficult. There is a whole world full of ways to get your name out and among people that may become a potential customer and bring you their business. Let’s discuss the seven social media tips for agents.

Leverage Testimonials to Grow Your Home Staging Business

Have you ever watched an infomercial? C’mon, I can’t possibly be the only one that’s been up in the middle of the night (for me it would be because of a sick child) and find that there’s nothing on television to watch but infomercials. Whether it’s for acne solution or a celebrity skincare line or even detox, notice that nearly 75% of the show is testimonials from former customers. So why is this important? Because it’s social proof that it works.

Call Capture – Real Estate’s Best After Hours Employee

Client communication can never be replaced in real estate. Every call is the most important call when clients are the lifeline of the business. Real estate call capture is a fresh solution to an old challenge that allows real estate agents to generate leads by capturing vital information whenever a potential client calls regardless of the time or day.

Improving Your Realty Business Via Marketing For Realtors

If you’re a Highlands Ranch realtor investor in the Denver, Colorado area, then having a great marketing plan is critical. Read on to get some great free marketing tips to help your business!

The Internet As a Useful Media For Real Estate Agents

The Internet has truly created more sophisticated and knowledgeable consumers and buyers. Don’t fear this! Instead, give consumers what they want and thrive in online real estate marketing!

No Cost Publicity For Real Estate Agents

Are you wondering why your local newspaper has always been quoting your competitor in numerous stories but has not even called you once? Why is it that no matter how many media releases you roll out every year, you and your real estate firm do not get the needed media mileage? You must target good publicity if you want to lure more prospective real estate customers. If other real estate agents could do it well, so could you.

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