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Run Your Realtor Career Like the Business That it is and Reap the Benefits

Do you treat your Realtor career like the business that it truly is? If you have developed customized service and marketing systems over the years that would help others you have the material for a Realtor mentor program that could eventually earn you a large income while helping others achieve similar success. Plus the hidden benefit, the process will push your Realtor career to new levels

Fun Ways to Get Quality Testimonials For Your Realtor Mentor Coaching Program

Getting testimonials can be a bothersome task and sometimes it’s difficult for your client to verbalize their experience in just a couple lines. Discover a fun way to get top quality testimonials that will improve your client relationships and help you grow your Realtor coaching program.

Follow 6 Easy Steps to Market Your Realtor Mentor Program With Articles

Everyone is talking about it, blogs, Ezines, directories… sounds confusing but really we’re just talking about articles. Articles on interactive websites, articles submitted to directories, and articles sent in e-mails. Simple. The tricky part is making sure that time you spend writing articles isn’t in vain. You need your articles to attract new clients, and if written properly they will.

Do Artists Cure Blight, Or Are They Just Risk Oblivious?

Can artists help pave the way for the housing turn around. In some cities across America they already are.

Quick Tip to Systematize Your Realtor Mentor Program and Increase Profits

For a Realtor mentor program to be profitable it must be consistent. Ever have challenges systematizing your Realtor tasks so that it is easy for someone else to replicate? Considering all of the different ways we relate to different people this can be a daunting task. Here is a simple technique to help break it down.

Do You Earn Enough in Your Career As a Realtor to Be a Realtor Mentor?

In this economy there is no doubt that there is a lack of leadership and good example for all independent professionals. The question is if you are considering creating a Realtor mentor program how much do you really need to earn in order to be an “expert Realtor mentor?” Read on to discover the answer.

Find a Hot Hungry Market For Your Realtor Mentor Coaching Program

If you want your Realtor coaching program to be on fire, first you need to find a hot hungry market. Read on to learn how to seek out and identify a Realtor market that will welcome you and remain loyal for years to come.

How to Find Great Keywords to Market My Realtor Mentor Program

Need to find great keywords for marketing your Realtor mentor program online? Read on to find an easy way to discover the keywords that will get you in front of the real estate agents you are looking for.

Real Estate Call Capture Brings Buyers and Sellers to You

Call capture is a unique telecommunications technology that helps real estate agents to acquire new leads. With this service, real estate agents are assigned a toll free 800 number that can be used to reach them at any time. However, this is no ordinary 800 number; it works to bring buyers and sellers to you.

Online Marketing is Effective

Everyone knows how popular the internet these days, unless you happen to be living in a cave. The information that can be found on any subject imaginable can be found by searching for it online.

Real Estate Market – Brace Yourself Against the Effects of the 2008 Real Estate Crash

Most investors may have reached despondent conditions thanks to the freefall the real estate market has experienced. A little study into the history of market cycles might bring a little hope for them. There is a clear indication that the market has always been experiencing boom periods which have been followed by periods of stagnant conditions. Despite its cyclical nature real estate remains the beat avenue for investment though some care and caution should be exercised, so that one does not go down with a crashing market.

7 Reasons to Go Out of Your Way to Promote Luxury Real Estate Marketing Professionals

As a luxury real estate marketing professional, what would it mean to your bottom line if more of your friends and clients went out of their way to refer business to you? Just about everyone in business knows that word-of-mouth advertising is the best form of marketing. But, few know what it takes to get that to happen, consistently. The answer is simple: be remarkable, deliver remarkable service, and get a remarkable website.

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