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How to Put in Writing Offers to Acquire REO Properties

This article addresses 8 ways to secure REO properties. Strategies in a competive market is essential to real estate and business success.

How to Discern Your USP and Get Client-Magnet Real Estate Agent Branding

Almost all real estate agents hear the buzzwords “branding” and “USP” constantly. But what do these terms really mean? And more importantly: how can a USP and a brand help agents get more listings?

The Advantages of Real Estate SEO

Did you know that roughly 3 out of every 4 home owners use the Internet to sell their property? With such a drastic trend I’m surprised that agents and home owners still use newspapers to advertise housing and commercial properties. Paying an expensive bundle for an advertisement in the newspaper, only to have it recycled the next day just doesn’t make sense to me. Why would you want to spend so much money on a form of advertising that’s so short lived?

Luxury Real Estate Marketing Essentials – A New Definition of Wealth – Super-Connectivity

Have you heard that about 60% of those who sign up for a Twitter account abandon their account within 60 days? Could it be that they just do not understand the value of this media? Many luxury real estate marketing professionals are scratching their heads trying to see where the return on investment is in social networking. Many conclude that it is a colossal waste of time.

Rental Property Marketing – Some Valuable Facts!

Sure, landlords advertise apartment rentals as part of their apartment marketing strategies but that is only one aspect out of their entire jobs which are multifaceted and far reaching to include: Preparing the vacant apartments to be eventually rented to other tenants by cleaning it up and fumigating as well as fixing, mending and replacing all that is needed. Advertising rentals in a range of ways including through websites that provide apartment Internet marketing services…

Real Estate Business Card Design – 4 Solid Design Tips

Whether you are a graphic design pro or a business person looking to have business cards designed, here are 5 tips to acquire a business card that will help you stand out from the competition. In our business environment today it is absolutely necessary that you make a deep impression with your marketing material if you want to retain business, never mind increase it exponentially.

Stuck – How to Get Your Business Back on Track

Are you stuck? Does your real estate business seem to be mired in the muck of sameness? Are you looking for a way to re-evaluate what you are doing in order to get things back on track? Here are a few thoughts that just might help you back to a place of strength and success!

Real Estate Marketing Online

It is important to have the right blueprint for real estate marketing online when you get into the industry. This is because most potential clients go to the internet to decide on future purchases and also go there to research who the best realtor will be for their needs. A major component in a real estate professional’s marketing strategy is to make sure that they are known online and are visible to many people.

Real Estate Marketing Online Tips

If you have a real estate company, then real estate marketing online will work great for you. Now to get that job running properly, you will need to follow a few easy tips. There are steps to almost everything there is in life. Steps are what make life a little less complicated. Read more here.

Are Open Houses Helpful? – Learning How Buyers, Seller and Real Estate Agents Benefit From Them

Open houses have been one of the marketing strategies in selling a property. Over the years, real estate agents and sellers conduct them in the hope to pick-up the right buyer. However, with the rampant usage of internet and virtual open houses, questions have risen as to whether it is helpful or not. Of course, you will be the judge of that but it will depend on what stand point you are looking.

Real Estate Marketing Online – Read This First

If you want something effective that goes with your business, then you should start a real estate marketing online campaign. This will help boost your bottom line fast.

Using Social Networking to Grow Your Real Estate Investing Business For Free – 10 Quick Tips

If you’re not leveraging the internet to grow your real estate investing business, you’re really missing out. This article specifically discusses how to leverage social networking for real estate investing. Many social networking applications have widespread use and best of all, they are free! The article contains 10 quick tips on how you can use popular social networking tools for your real estate investing.

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