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Luxury Real Estate Marketing – Be Complacent At Your Own Risk

Complacency is a trap that many luxury real estate marketing professionals fall into when they attain market leadership. This offers an excellent opportunity for competitors to pick up the slack and surpass the current market leader, especially if they have a superior grasp of technology. Staying on top of the latest technology and becoming a master of social media is now an imperative if you wish to sustain your market leadership.position. Otherwise, an unlikely competitor can suddenly challenge your domain.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing – Attract More Clients By Defining Your Brand Position

Brand positioning is one of the most important marketing principles and perhaps one of the most misunderstood. Yet, to sharply differentiate yourself from your competition, as a luxury real estate marking professional, your brand position, what you stand for in the minds of your target market, must be made crystal clear.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing – The Power Of Strategy

As a luxury marketing professional it is important to develop a strategy to achieve your goals. A strategy is not a tactic. Tactics are means of achieving immediate goals. A strategy is a long term plan of action. To strategize is to make a deliberate choice of direction which will affect the outcome of your goals.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing – To Gift Or Not To Gift?

To gift or not to gift – that is the question. Many agents who are involved in the business of luxury real estate marketing feel the need to give closing gifts to their clients. If you are going to do this, give a gift that tells a story so they remember you long after receiving the gift. That way they will tell the story to their friends and promote you in the process.

Importance of Marketing for Real Estate Investors

Learning how to market in the real estate business is crucial for all real estate investors. Finding the best leads that will get them the greatest deal is all about learning how to market themselves to sellers. Establishing a plan for marketing is important.

The Leading Approach in Property Investing

People should know the importance of valuing a property. The closer the estimate of the value to the market price, the better the valuation method is. When you determine the value, you would be able to know whether you can purchase the property or not.

What Is the Purpose of Your About Me Page?

The about me page on your real estate site should be about you. It’s not about your designations or about your service – those items belong on a different page. This one is about you, the person.

Where Are Your Real Estate Seminar Notes?

Real estate seminars and classes can be a valuable asset – but only if you put the information to use. Take time now to dig out your old notes and review what you learned.

SEO Tips for YouTube Videos

Uploading videos to YouTube is a relatively simple process, but there are a few extra steps you can take to give your videos the best possible chance of being seen. Here are our five top tips for YouTube SEO:

The Perfect Storm Rages On

It wasn’t all that long ago when the real estate market was flourishing. For many seasoned veterans, it was a time that they had long worked hard for and they were reaping the benefits of those long hours, weekend days away from the family, and the countless calls and showings and listings when times were a bit rough. It was the culmination of a lifetime of dedication and perseverance.

Real Estate Marketing Strategies – 7 Ways “Perfectionism” Stops You From Success

Master real estate business coach Maya Bailey leads you through 7 ways to let go of trying to be “perfect” and gain even more success and prosperity. Accept that you’re as imperfect as anyone else and you can get a lot more accomplished.

Mortgage Trigger Leads and Lists

For mortgage companies looking to capitalize on homeowners looking for a better loan program or rate, mortgage trigger leads are a great and cost effective option. Contact homeowners (via direct mail, land line, or cell phone) that have had their credit run for a refinance or purchase. Mortgage criteria can be customized by credit score, loan balance, revolving debt, and more.

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