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Creating Great Craigslist Marketing Pieces to Sell Homes and to Find Buyers

One of the first things you learn in Real Estate, after location is important, is that in order to make sales you have to get your business or your listings in front of as many people as possible, as easily as possible. Craigslist is one of the ten most visited websites in the world and it becomes an especially powerful tool for real estate agents when you consider that it is free to use. While working with a few agents to test…

Top 10 Must Have’s in Your Next IDX System!

According to NAR 87% of buyers used the internet when buying their home. Needless to say having a good IDX system for fast and easy home searching on your own site is crucial for generating leads. Taking that a step further are, what I believe, the top ten features and abilities that you should look for in your next IDX system…

Flat Fee Real Estate Marketing Secrets Work Wonderfully

It can be challenging finding how to accomplish obtaining the best price for your real estate property as well as gaining the exposure required to tap the market for a sale. With the economy just now recovering some of its equanimity, selling by owner has been just as difficult due to the fact there are more sellers than buyers. It can be frustrating trying to find the best buyer.

About Mortgage Mailing Lists

Mortgage mailing lists not only include those individuals who have indicated that they are in the market to purchase a home, but may also include those people who are at the optimum time for refinancing their mortgage. This would include individuals who have been in their home for approximately two to four years.

Personal Branding For Real Estate Agents – Study Big Brands – Part 2

There is much to be gained by real estate professionals who study big brand marketing, especially if market leadership is your quest. Personal branding for real estate agents is not just getting a new outfit or a new look. Person branding is all about positioning yourself to win BIG!

3 Ways to Use Active Rain to Grow Your Real Estate Related Business

In these tough economic times you need new ways to generate leads to your real estate business. In this article, I will discuss ways you can use active rain to grow your real estate business.

Personal Branding For Real Estate Agents – Study the Big Brands

When it comes to personal branding for real estate agents, we are often asked this question: What is the value of studying big brands and how they craft their messages? In order to innovate, one has to look outside one’s own industry. Here are three reasons.

Realtors – Give Added Value to Your Clients by Partnering With Other Businesses

Give added value to your clients and customers through introductory coupons to other area businesses. They’ll be glad to refer your business your way in return, and your clients will reap benefits as well.

Realtors – Slash Your Words So More Will Read Your Marketing Message

Trade long rambling sentences for short sentences in short paragraphs to increase your readership. Prospects aren’t interested in reading your ramblings – get to the point and let them know how your services will benefit them.

7 Ways For Real Estate Agents to Save Money

As a real estate agent, you can’t count on any financial bailout to save your business during this recession. These seven tips by an active real estate broker will help you trim your costs and make your business lean and more productive: 1. Track Your Expenses. While this sounds obvious, you’d be surprised by how many agents have no idea how much they’re spending or what they’re spending it on…

Online Real Estate Marketing – Traffic, Conversion, and Closings

Online real estate marketing allows you the opportunity to control your budget, generate leads, and close business every month. Discover 3 important questions to ask yourself to help you focus your marketing efforts. Understand the areas where you need improvement and close as many transactions as you desire.

Realtors – Examine Past Marketing Efforts Before Spending Ad Dollars

Examine the results of past real estate marketing before spending money on future marketing. By tracking your successes and failures, you’ll gain insight into what you need to do to attract clients.

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