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What Real Estate Training Can Help Your Business Most – In Just 1 Hour

Every successful professional has at some point gone through training to help them reach their maximum potential, and real estate agents are no different. Training your agents, however necessary, can seem like an impossible task that sucks away all of your time and energy. If outsourcing, most run into the same problems, finding exciting topics to discuss, getting an accomplished and experienced trainer who has actually done what he is offering to you, and finding the trainer that won’t break your bank.

How to Select a Real Estate Farm That Generates 2+ Closing

Stop knocking on doors in the neighborhood, mailing out monthly postcards and emails, dropping an “item of value” at least 4 times a year, on the WRONG farm. A carefully constructed geographic farm page would eliminate the need to use ineffective, timely and certainly costly methods that bring little to no return.

Real Estate Marketing Techniques to Get Prospects Chasing You

Were you hoping to generate more leads that eventually had prospective buyers chasing after you? No matter the approach, the goal is the same, get leads that turn into sales. Though there are a number of ways to accomplish this goal, I submit to you that there are proven effective strategies used in, sure to deliver the results you desire.

Setting The Stage For Expectations

I truly believe the secret to a significant part of a REALTOR(R)’s value to clients is setting the stage for expectations. Most Sellers think that an Agent’s real work involves finding the right Buyer, and most Buyers think that the Agent’s real work involves finding the right house to buy. In fact, the real work involves bringing the deal to a successful close.

Get Your Real Estate Website to Have Top Rankings and 4+ Monthly Closings

Being successful in business today means having a strong advertising and marketing team behind you. With every possible outlet available, it can be difficult to decide where to spend your time, money and effort. Allow me to suggest that real estate in this twenty first century, like most smart and thriving businesses, has moved to the internet. Not only are buyers able to click and find the home they wish to buy, they can search practically anywhere in the world with just the push of a button.

Real Estate Email Follow Up That Brings You Closings Monthly

Discover the proven email techniques sure to convert those leads and get your message to the inbox instead of the trash. Unlock the secrets of email marketing using solid writing strategies sure to have clients flooding your inbox daily.

Realtor Training – How You Can Promote Using Facebook and YouTube

The traditional Realtor training received by real estate agents may fall short regarding marketing techniques. You can effectively promote yourself and the properties you are selling through social media like Facebook and YouTube. Discover how and why you would want to consider this type of advertising.

Real Estate Syndication – Becoming a Promoter, Your Questions Answered

If your looking to join the Real Estate Syndication market and start promoting deals, you probably have a few questions on your mind. Here are some of the top questions we receive about being a promoter and getting off on the right foot in your ventures.

Unproductive Vs Productive Activities

I hope all of you are putting together a solid marketing plan. I know it seems to be the same song and dance year after year, but what are you going to do differently this year? I want you to take some time and examine your current situation and ask a tough question.

3 Ways For Loan Officers to Be a Real Estate Agent Magnet For Referral Business

If you’re a mortgage loan officer scrambling for business, you may already know that your efforts are better spent on landing referral sources (i.e., real estate agents) that are a pool of repeat business for you rather than targeting individual borrowers offering business here and there. The problem you’re probably facing is the “how” of creating and building relationships with real estate agents as a source of repeat business.

Call Capture – Keeping Real Estate Agents Mobile and Efficient

Mobility is a crucial part of being a real estate agent. Sure, agents often have offices, but the best way to get sales is to spend time out in the field showing properties to potential buyers. It’s therefore quite important for agents to find new ways to gain the freedom that supports their business.

Telemarketer or Prospecting Agent Within a Team

The Telemarketer or Prospecting Agent’s primary job is to use the telephone effectively to set appointments. These appointments are predominantly for listings.

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