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Giving Your Real Estate Call Capture System a Personal Touch

When it comes to turning leads into closings, a successful call capture system is a necessity to any Realtor’s business plan. In fact, A personalized call capture system can help improve not only the efficiency of the initial call-in process, but also increase the frequency and reliability of call-backs. It can also mean the difference between a sale and no sale.

Discover How a Good First Impression is Going to Sell Your House – It’s Not Rocket Science

Are you selling a house but you can’t seem to get it off the market? How many times have you walked into a house that is for sale and they said oh excuse me, let’s me throw these papers off the table and don’t worry about that open peanut better?

5 Great Features of Text Message Flyers For Real Estate

As you may have heard, the use of text messages to advertise business and engage customers is at the base of a very steep incline. The use of mobile marketing is set to grow over 2,700% over the next four years.

Real Estate Agent Self-Promotion – Using Your Area Knowledge

Buyers and sellers really do need an agent who knows his or her way around. So if you’ve lived in the community “forever” and know every nook and cranny, advertise the fact. At the same time, if you’ve moved there recently and have done more than your share of exploring to learn all there is to know, advertise that fact.

What is a Call Capture Or Call Capture 800 System?

Call capture seems to be a very popular term these days, especially among businessmen. But what is it really? A lot of people don’t know what call capture or call capture 800 is but it’s actually a simple marketing technique which involves capturing a caller’s name and phone number and name when the person dials a certain number.

Is an Open House Worth Doing?

Should a seller hold open houses? Do they even work? While many agents believe the sale of a house is all in the technology of MLS listings and online marketing, many people still enjoy the real physical experience of taking in a home in person whether it is a new home or an existing home.

Four Rules Of Business Expansion

To be a champion agent, you must understand the four rules of business expansion. These rules are universal to all businesses, but especially to service businesses where the competition is high and the opportunities for repeat customers and referrals are higher. Those factors describe the real estate business well.

Top 10 Tips For Property Photos

Photos often provide the client’s first impression of a property, and can intrigue a prospective buyer as easily as they can turn a buyer off completely. Simple as it might sound to just “point and click” there are a few things to keep in mind that will ensure photos really add to your listing.

Effective Real Estate Web Design That Converts Visitors

Realtors and other real estate professionals are a specific group that can hugely benefit from steady search engine traffic. This is usually due to high “consumer intent”; most people searching for a real estate service are ready to buy or act right then and there.

Looking to Sell Or Buy Property? Try an Online Estate Agent

Online estate agents are fast becoming the popular way of purchasing and selling property. The internet is a useful tool, making transactions faster and much easier. From the comfort of your own home, you can browse thousands of properties and effectively visit hundreds of estate agents from your own settee!

Why 2011 Will Be a Huge Real Estate Year For New Jersey

I speak to dozens of people per week that are browsing homes for sale and try to answer questions on when and why to buy real estate. Most noticeably is the skepticism that everyone has because although they WANT to buy, they are unsure and scared if this is the right time to buy real estate. My first response is that the worst is over.

Marketing of Commercial Properties

There is a global economic slow down, which in turn has effected the commercial real estate market world wide and in India too, (although there are signs of improvement now), the reasons of this slow down are many, however it is important to know some of the important factors. As large financial corporations announced and declared bankrupt, the expected returns on investments were washed away forcing companies and large retailers to cut costs, and hold up future expansion plans, resulting in job losses and unemployment.

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