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Realtor Websites – Use the #1 Rule of Marketing on Your Website & Receive Endless, Effortless Leads

Do you remember the #1 rule of marketing? As I recall, it is this: make the conversation about your prospect and his or needs and desires, not yours. Get them to tap into their own hot buttons and show you the way to a sale. This same rule can be applied to great effect with internet marketing.

Realtor Marketing – One Killer Idea to Make You the #1 Realtor For Short Sale Listings in Your Area

Do you want to become a short sale expert? Do you want to dominate the local market for short sale listings? If so, then keep in mind the primary purpose of the internet and use it to your advantage.

Realtor Marketing – Put in This Secret Method to Get Expired Listings to Call You Night & Day

Realtors who regularly obtain expired listings can build a huge inventory of listings. These listings will create an endless flow of commission money into your bank account. If you have tried to do this you know it is not that easy to do. The reason is that all of your competitors are trying to do it also. To obtain expired listings, put yourself in the home owner’s place.

3 Postcard Techniques to Get Short Seller’s Calling You Today

There is a definite hassle of short sales, yet there is just as great a potential payoff for them as well. Many agents attempting to close a short sale either ineffectively use semi-prosperous techniques, or they simply do not understand the dynamics of short sales all together.

7 Lies of Real Estate Marketing

Discover the lies of real estate marketing that prevent agents from success. Unlocking the secret behind these real estate marketing lies will allow you to generate more business than you have ever had in your real estate business. These 7 lies will allow you determine where your marketing can be immediately improved to generate instant results.

Top 5 Mistakes Agents Make Going After Short Sales

Many agents start marketing towards short sales with the best of intentions and then run into challenges. Often knowing what to avoid can save you more time and money than knowing what to do. When you can avoid these top 10 marketing mistakes of short sales you will be able to save time and money and be on your way to taking 10+ listings monthly.

Realtor Marketing

Looking for cheap ways to market your real estate business? Look no further than the internet. There are a multitude of ways to use the internet for cheap (or free) advertising and promotion.

Realtor Marketing – Create a Great Blog & Turn it Into an Automatic Lead-Generating Machine

Realtors can use blogs to help their businesses in several ways. Over 90% of the Realtor websites I’ve reviewed don’t do this. This means you have a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd and get a lot of new commission checks. If you are thinking of using a blog in your business, then be sure to do it right. Here are some guidelines.

Luxury Real Estate Branding – Is Your Message on Target?

Luxury real estate marketing professionals take heed! A very valuable lesson in messaging, can be learned from the massive new ad campaign of luxury brand, BMW. Messaging is the words you select to communicate the essence of your brand to your target market. A brand’s message tells your audience how you or your company wants to be perceived as distinct from your closest competition. As such messaging is an extremely important component of personal and company branding.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing – Achieving Market Leadership in the Blink of an Eye!

In the arena of luxury real estate marketing, the entire competitive landscape needs to be redefined. A completely new paradigm needs to be considered that determines who the big winners in the industry will be in 2010 and beyond. Whoever wins the COMPETITION FOR ATTENTION (who stands out the most?) and the COMPETITION FOR RETENTION (who is remembered first?) will get the lion’s share of business.

Real Estate Website – Know the Basics

When starting to build your real estate business you must first know some of the great ideas that will work for your business to be successful and if you are dealing with real estate the most significant marketing tools to success is having a real estate website. So making real estate business website relevant is an important part of smart marketing. That’s why in this article I will have to share with you these simple guidelines on how to build your online real estate website.

Using Call Capture to Improve Client Relationships

Some critics decry call capture technology as a form of telemarketing, and argue that it lacks the personalization and human interaction which is fundamental to the success of any real estate business. Done correctly, however, call capture technology can help a real estate agent form better relationships with clients by using information gained in the capturing process to be more focused on individual client’s needs.

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