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Luxury Real Estate Marketing – If You Build it They Will Come

You understand the concept of syndicating your listings. On major brand touts that they syndicate their listings on over 250 websites in addition to displaying them on their own company website. The idea is to get your listings maximum exposure by displaying them in the countless places where buyers begin their property searches. With links back to the company website (or to your own website) plus your phone number, hopefully, the buyer will find you and contact you.

Realtors and Lenders Marketing Online – Learn the Secrets!

Realtors and lenders marketing online is not a new concept. However, the “old school” ways of marketing online produced little in terms of results.

Why Do Smart Real Estate Agents Send So Many Prospecting Letters?

Smart real estate agents send multiple letters to the same prospects for a very good reason. One letter doesn’t get much response, but multiple letters do. Here’s why.

Call Capture is a Turn Key Solution For Real Estate Leads

Though the Internet has become a substantial medium for transmitting information, nothing replaces the dedicated contact of a phone call to a knowledgeable real estate agent. This not only provides information, but also a connection, the beginning of a relationship that can positively affect both an agent and a client.

10 Realtor Tips For Real Estate Marketing

Every real estate agent is interested in realtor tips regarding the best marketing tools for the industry. The goal is to become a realtor with marketing success. Each agent will need to find what works best in the locality and what reaches their target market.

Editing Your Marketing Copy – Yes, it is Important

Your marketing copy is the face you present to the world. It makes the first impression that causes prospects to react favorably, or dismiss you as not worth their time. Make sure it presents you well.

Closing Gifts – A Marketing Tool?

Why do you, as a Realtor, want to give your clients a gift to celebrate their closing? It is a good feeling that comes with gift giving. And in the case of closing gifts, they can do amazing things for your company. They can help your business relationships thrive.

Franchising in Real Estate

Franchising in Real Estate The concept of Estate Agency Franchise although relatively new in Ireland is more mature and common place in other jurisdictions or other countries particularly the United States. The earliest sign of franchising in any sector dates back to the 1850’s with Isaac Singer the inventor of the Singer sewing machine. During his search for an effective and an affordable way to distribute his product for his company, the Singing Sewing Centre, Singer ran into problems that prevented his company from being successful.

Promote Your Website With a Listing on Another REMAX Agent’s Website

Are you interested in helping potential clients find your REMAX website? Running a website to promote your real estate services can be a great way to increase business, but people need to be able to find you first. One of the best things you can do to increase traffic to your site is make sure you are listed as a resource for your area by other REMAX Agents.

Why Do So Many People Want to Fire Their Realtors?

What’s going on? Are Realtors not marketing their listings, or are they not communicating with their listing clients?

How to Use Direct Mail For Raising Private Money

Have you ever used direct mail before? You know; the type of marketing where you send a physical mailing to somebody’s home so that they can touch, feel and read a marketing message in their hands? It seems as though everywhere I look and everything I read is all about “online, digital and social” marketing.

Marketing Fire Pits With a House

If you are in the business of selling fire pits, it’s not hard to imagine that you’re always looking for the best way to market your product. After all, the more convincing you can be to your prospects in telling them that your fire pit is exactly what they need, the more sales you’ll get.

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