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Luxury Real Estate Marketing – What Color is Your Luxury Brand?

For luxury real estate marketing professionals, choosing the right colors in the process of branding is an important element of your brand identity system. Color is a means of communicating your personality and your unique identity. It sets the tone and the mood you want to project to your target market. It also tells them what you stand for.

13 Ways to Build Your Buyers List

Having trouble building your buyers list? If so you are probably not looking in the right places. Here are the 13 best ways to compile more buyers then you will need in a short period of time.

Location and Virtual Maps

“Location, location, location” is the real estate refrain. As a real estate professional, you know the importance of location. But, what makes location important to home buyers? On the practical side of life, location is so much more than just a neighborhood.

Apartment Marketing Plan – Prevent These Mistakes

It would be terrifically nice if people in relationships (personal and professional) got along just because. Unfortunately, that isn’t what usually happens, especially when there is money involved.

How to Run Effective Email Marketing Campaigns to Sell Real Estate

Email marketing is a highly cost efficient and successful way to sell real estate. In this article, we look at the key rules to running a successful email campaign to sell real estate.

9 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Property Portal

A good property portal is an extremely useful marketing tool for estate agents or those opting to sell privately. The biggest benefit to you as a seller or agent is that you don’t have to hassle with the marketing of the site, instead you can reap the rewards of the portal’s good positioning on the Internet. Here are some questions to ask before you subscribe:

Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail is efficient. Once the mailing piece is developed and tested, rolling out the campaign only requires printing and mailing more pieces, and of course renting and tracking qualified lists. Direct mail is creative. People are naturally drawn to the new and different, but if you try something creative in most advertising, and it doesn’t work- it can be a really expensive error. Direct mail is a crucial element of healthcare communication, but professionals now know that integrating mailing campaigns with online communication including email and web can boost the reach of health advice considerably.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing – Discovering Your Spots

We are often asked to describe the process of developing a personal or company brand for luxury real estate marketing professionals. Our very first step is what we call the discovery process. Our job is to transcend the layers of superficiality where it is next to impossible to detect distinctions between real estate agents and companies within the same marketplace. With a battery of very pointed questions and two-way communication we reach for and identify the authentic brand signal, the core identity.

Why Real Estate Professionals Are Offering a Flat Fee MLS Listing

What exactly is a Flat Fee MLS listing and what’s in it for you? I’ve been a real estate professional for over 15 years. During this time, my sellers realized unusual gains as the market continued to excel. As a listing agent, we were always guessing how much the market might appreciate during the listing period. But, not anymore, my job today has become a less enviable job in attempting to predict where the market will bottom out during the listing period.

3 Solid Tips For Marketing High End, Luxury Real Estate

At some point in your career, you’ll come across the most exciting, profitable, and intimidating market in real estate: the high end real estate market. Follow these 3 tips to make sure your first step into the high end market is the right one…

Apartment Marketing – All You Need to Know

State and local government around the world have come to realize that unless a limit is imposed on the prices of certain commodities and / or services, particularly those which are considered necessary for health, safety and decent living; they may, under very specific circumstances, become unattainable to people within the lower socio-economic and the working classes like me. Yes, “big brother” may be watching but he’s watching out for the little guys – the consumers who are looking through listings of apartment advertising because they are simply in need of a place to call “home.”

The Web 2.0 Real Estate Marketing Revolution

The internet has changed the business world forever. Not only do folks use the internet for fun and games, they use it for serious business, every day. Current economic downfalls have greatly hurt several industries and the real estate market seems to be wounded the worst. Luckily, real estate professionals have caught on to the hottest new way to do business. Web 2.0 real estate marketing has given a breath of fresh air to a declining market.

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