Why the Stock Market is Falling

How To Choose The Right Stock For Real Estate Postcards

Stock? Paper? Varnish? All this printing lingo is driving me nuts! If your like most other Realtors you could use some advice on how to choose the right stock & varnish to get the most bang for your buck. Confused about paper/stock, then this article is for you.

“The Secret” – 7 Simple Steps To Wholesaling Real Estate for Huge Profits

If you don’t follow these 7 fundamental steps to wholesaling real estate, you will continue to hit road blocks in your market! To get deals done and make some quick cash you must incorporate these steps in your business. And yes, wholesaling real estate is a business.

Role Of Software In Mortgage Lead Generation

The mortgage companies stand in a highly competitive market and frequently face difficulty in attracting customers. Their business prospects are promising only when they are able to lure more clients. Companies should concentrate towards making their business time-bound to attract new clients.

Property Not Selling? You Need to Think Like a Marketer

America is in an unprecedented real estate crisis. If you’re a home seller, a real estate agent, or a mortgage broker, you don’t need to be told this–it’s your reality. Not being able to sell a home quickly and for what it’s worth may be threatening your financial future, your plans and dreams, your peace of mind. But let me tell you some really good news: some people are selling their homes quickly and at good prices. They know something most people don’t: in a housing market like today’s, anyone who wants to sell a house must think like a marketer.

How To Become A Great Listing Agent

It is far more challenging to find a listing prospect than a buyer prospect. Buyer prospects are relatively easy to find. That is why most Agents work with more buyers than sellers.

Great Realtor Closing Gifts Idea

According to a recent survey, 77% of realtors had given closing gifts to clients in the previous year. Here is one great idea you should consider. Long lasting and memorable.

Lead Generation Real Estate – Success in a Challenging Marketplace

Each and every day one of the major news stories involves the state of the real estate marketplace at this point in time. Foreclosures are at record levels. The housing market itself is incredible volatile. With all of this noted, if you are a real estate professional who is interested in expanding – or even maintaining – his or her business, you need to understand the importance to lead generation real estate.

Who’s Your Development?

In his new book “Who’s Your City?” author Richard Florida — who brought us the 2002 national best-seller “The Rise of the Creative Class” — argues that not only is the choice of where to live the most important decision someone can make, but those who match their interests and personalities to specific cities tend to find the best-matched careers, spouses and friends. Frankly, I think this concept should be marketing catnip for homebuilders, allowing them to leverage these ideas (and roadmap included in the book), arm themselves with increasingly sophisticated demographic data and decide, both for their companies and their buyers, exactly ‘Who’s Your Development?’

Farming For Realtors

When farming an area, keep in mind what your ultimate goal is. You’re not just farming an area to pick up clients that are thinking about Real Estate now, but the ultimate goal is to become more than just a real estate agent, but to become a brand name for that particular group or area.

Real Estate Web Hosting – A Cost-Effective Real Estate Marketing Tool

Home buying & selling process can now be a cakewalk, thanks to the internet. If you are still not leveraging the power of internet in your business, you are certainly missing something. This article highlights the necessity of real estate web hosting that can give a real boost to your business.

A Few Tips for Calling Internet Mortgage Leads

Calling internet mortgage leads is sometimes a rigid task. It is not easy to gin the trust of strangers over the phone, especially with all of the fear of scams and shams that lurk on the internet. If you are going to spend your hard earned money on mortgage leads you must have a plan when calling on the leads.

Maximizing Referral Fees – South Florida, Miami

Capitalize from you relationships and get referral fees from other real estate agents from different cities. You can considerably increase your income without any cash investment. You can never go wrong by helping one of your clients and making a few extra bucks on the side. That’s the nature of the business right?

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