Why the Stock Market is Falling

2010 Property Market Predictions

What is evident is that the performance of the property market can not be measured on a national level as this varies drastically. If you are thinking of buying or selling your house fast, look closely at your local area and how it has performed. Look out for areas which rely heavily on the public sector for employment.

Jack Welch is Envious of Your Small Real Estate Firm?

“Most small companies are uncomplicated, simple, informal. They grow on good ideas regardless of their source. They need everyone, involve everyone, and reward or remove people based on their contribution to winning. We love the way small companies communicate with simple, straight-forward, passionate argument rather than jargon-filled means.

Discover Little Known Methods For Mailing Postcards to Potential Sellers

There are three different postcards. One of them is called USPS.com. That is specifically formatted for the USPS.com site. It should fit very nicely within their formatting.

Realtor Marketing – Customers For Free, Part Two – The Value of Your Offer

This article begins to look at defining your value. It has also been called your unique selling proposition. In the services industry, professionals like Real Estate Agents have to sell themselves first before they sell someone’s home. No one will let a poor performing real estate agent list their home for obvious reasons. So your first marketing task is to define your skill sets and unique ability to sell Real Estate. This will form the basis of your marketing message. All other forms of content will speak directly to your unique abilities to compete on the playing field of life. You will incorporate this content into an online marketing campaign that will communicate your comparative advantage to your target audience.

Mortgage Marketing Ideas For Success

Considering the current state of the economy, mortgage brokers have to work harder than ever before to earn a living. Unlike during housing booms when buyers are flooding the market, these tighter economic times have caused mortgage brokers to have to get more creative to compete for the limited number of buyers in the market for a new home. These mortgage marketing ideas will help you to edge out the competition for new clients.

Real Estate Investor Marketing Tips – How to Use Postcards to Laser Focus Your Marketing

Targeting Your Area The other great thing about postcards is they’re targeted. We can target postcards to a particular neighborhood. Let’s say you want to do a particular zip code.

How to Overcome the 3 Main Challenges When Sending Postcards to Potential Sellers

Typically there are two kinds of postcards. There is the 4 1/4 x 6 inch postcard. This is what we will call the small postcard.

How to Use USPS to Create Postcards to Mail to Potential Sellers

One of the things you’ve got to spend some time on is what’s called mapping. Make sure you do this correctly. When they upload it they pretend they know where the Mr. goes and where the first and last name and all that end. Make sure that the columns that they assume match up properly with the appropriate columns. If it’s the first name at the top, then it should say First Name.

Real Estate Investor Marketing Tips – Discover the Power of Postcards and How to Use USPS

Once you’re on the USPS.com page you would click on the postcard section. Once you get there they give you two options.

Real Estate Investor Marketing Tips – How to Keep Your Cost of Postcards Very Low

How to Keep Post Cards Low Cost The other advantage of postcards is the relatively low cost. A small postcard – black text, white card, no graphics, nothing fancy – will be anywhere from about 25 or 30 cents at the low end to about 40 or 50 cents at the high end. So they are relatively inexpensive.

Effective Real Estate Call Capture Advertising For the Holidays

Even though many people wait until after the holidays to put their house on the market or buy a new home, it is a good time to ramp up the advertising. Studies show that people usually work with the first real estate agent they talk to. So during the holidays, while people are still in the early stages of their decision making process, it is important to get yourself in front of them. Call capture is a great non-invasive tool to do just that.

The Housing Crisis Affects Horse Farm Values in Ocala

Ocala Florida, established in 1846, is the seat of Marion County, in Florida, and is known as the horse capital of the world. Although thoroughbred horse breeding is one of the primary businesses in the area, so it is not surprising that when the economic downturn began, Ocala, would not escape the crunch the rest of the nation was feeling.

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