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Using Video to Sell Real Estate

Using video to sell real estate is one of the tools that home sellers need to use in order to get an edge on the competition in this very tough real estate market. If done correctly, video is a great way to get your home noticed…but only if done correctly. Here are three steps anyone can use to get your video in front of the most people…

It’s Not What Happens But How You React That Counts

A Champion realizes it’s not what happens but how they react to it that counts. It’s not the absence of challenges, struggles, and slumps that makes top level Agents more successful.

7 Magic Marketing Tips For Commercial Real Estate Success

I never cease to be amazed. The other day I sent a survey to my clients asking what topics they’d like to learn more about and the response was unanimous – MARKETING. It’s funny because when we were all busy getting our degrees, certifications and real estate licenses we forgot to take a course on how to market our services. We never learned this stuff!

The Four Keys to Finding Real Estate Deals For Pennies on the Dollar

How did you find that deal? That is the number one question I am asked by other investors at my real estate investing seminars whenever I go through different real estate deal case studies.

How to Create the Ultimate Business Card(s)

How much thought do you really put into the creation of your business cards? I’ll admit when I first started in this business I didn’t know diddly squat about marketing and I created boring business cards like everyone else. I had my company name, phone, address, email and website–that was it.

Make Sure You Are the First Real Estate Agent a Prospect Calls

How are you going to ensure a prospect considers you when selling their property or looking for a property manager? Marketing your agency or your personal abilities as an agent, should be an essential and a regular activity. Communicate in an interesting way. Don’t send out a stock standard ‘ho hum’ letter that will quickly find its way to the recycle paper bin. Give yourself the edge.

Want to Attract Real Estate Agents to Your Realtor Coaching Company? Giving Them the Big Picture May

Free information products have become a staple in the coaching industry for grabbing attention and earning the trust of new clients, but is providing the “big picture” enough to attract Realtor coaching clients? Discover 6 downfalls of this method.

Lazy Way to Kick Start the List For Your Realtor Coaching Program

If you absolutely cannot bear to build an Ezine subscriber list by writing countless articles, and spending hours on social media then there is an “old school” route that still works like a charm. Of course, for everything there is a trade off, and this one won’t cost you a lot of time, but it will cost you some money. I can show you how to set it up so that it won’t cost you a fortune and you will get the biggest bang your buck can provide.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing: Accentuate the Lifestyle

As a luxury real estate marketing professional it is important to accentuate the lifestyle of your marketplace in your marketing materials. Think about the forms of recreation in your area and what people wear when they engage in these activities. This can be the inspiration to set the tone or the mood of your website design.

Luxury Real Estate Websites Design – Is Your Online Presence Distinctive?

We often talk about the imperative of personal branding, in the highly competitive world of luxury real estate marketing. Now, with social media leveling the playing field your website is accessible more than ever before, and the need to stand out is mission critical. Having the best “packaging” is often the determining factor in selecting an agent online because consumers are pressed for time and they have the power to quickly move on to check out your competitors in a single click.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing – Dominate Your Brand Category

To better understand branding in the realm of luxury real estate marketing, it is important to understand brand categories. If market leadership is your quest, as a luxury real estate marketing professional, the key is to select a brand category or sub-category in your marketplace that you can dominate.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing – The Black Sheep Factor of Excellence

Dedication to excellence has almost become cliche. Many companies and professionals tout these words, but few set standards of excellence that far exceed the expectation of their target market. Luxury real estate marketing professionals can gain currency with their clients by becoming familiar with some of the best luxury brands of the world and studying their anecdotal stories that truly exemplify excellence. One such company is Loro Piana, a purveyor of the finest wools and cashmeres. Here is one of their stories.

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