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Marketing Real Estate to Nudist Buyers

When people are looking for a new home the number of choices on the market can be almost overwhelming. Advertisements for homes can be found in the newspaper, in realtor magazines, on billboards, on signs, and online. Online exposure is perhaps the best way to advertise a home to a niche market such as the nudist or clothing optional community. This community typically has difficulty locating properties that fit their lifestyles and because of this may have to look at homes all over the country.

Online and Offline Real Estate Investing Marketing Strategies

You may have jumped into real estate investing with one eye on your dreams and the other on your potential to become fabulously wealthy in a very short time. While it’s true that it’s possible to become the richest person you know, the reality is that it will probably take time to happen. Another reality you may not have considered is that as a real estate investor, you also wear another hat: professional marketer.

Working With Real Estate Agents

If you sell your goods or services to real estate agents, you need a steady stream of them to survive. The more people you have to market to, the better.

Qualifying The Buyer

To really have effectiveness in qualifying we must develop a series of questions. This series of questions, or script, has to be used every time. Every buyer must be evaluated on his response to these questions.

The Top 10 Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Fail

In a recent survey of real estate agents across North America, they were asked one simply question. This question was: “What do you think is the biggest reason real estate agents fail?” Here are 10 answers received from the agents included in the survey.

Automated Systems and Technology For Real Estate Agents

It is apparent that in order to survive and thrive in the real estate industry today, real estate agents and real estate brokers must embrace every facet of technology and remain on top of the need to continually upgrade their systems. Beyond being necessary to our industry it is a melding with current societal standards.

Definition For Marketing

Research is important to setting the final price of the product or service. It is necessary to know the benefits of the item in relation to customer value. If the customer does not perceive anticipated value for benefits expected related to price, they will not purchase. In shorthand, this is expressed as: Value = Benefits/Price. (V=B/P)

The Art of the Ad-lib – How Improv Skills Can Boost Your Real Estate Business

I read an interesting article on about a group of real estate agents who took classes on the art of improvisation. Several of the participants mentioned that while the class was scary at first, in the end it helped them overcome some of their shyness, reduced their fear of looking silly, and improved their ability to think on the their feet. It got me thinking about how all real estate agents could benefit from such training.

Real Estate Marketing Strategy

The #1 Mistake agents make when conducting real estate marketing to FSBO’s and Expired Listings is expecting them to convert immediately. During this first 48 hours the seller is bombarded with solicitations, but fewer than 15% followup longer than 2-3 weeks. Studies show the majority of Expired Listings convert 3 to 6 weeks after withdrawal, but it can be months.

Realtor Obligations – Return Phone Calls to Interested Buyers – The R-E Maven

As a group realtors suffer from a bad reputation. One of their largest sins is their not returning property inquiry phone calls. It is extremely frustrating when potential buyers put more effort into seeking information than the listing realtors does in providing the information. This lack of communication is not in the seller’s best interest.

How to – 3 Tips on Profitable Mailings For Motivated Sellers

Seasoned real estate investors understand the golden value of motivated seller mailing lists. In these 3 tips outlined you will begin to understand the power and necessity of a great mailing list. Mailing lists is how you wrangle in the profitable out of state sellers covered here too.

Mortgage Marketing – Switch From Teaser Rates to Answers Marketing

How to move away from teaser rates and mortgage payment marketing and into educational marketing. Homeowners are looking for information and answers to a confusing and intimidating market. This is your opportunity–Answers Marketing.

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