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What Top Loan Officers Marketing to Real Estate Agents Don’t Expose to You

Is marketing to Realtors difficult? There’s some things top loan officers don’t want you to know. And it’s more than just about flooding your business with clients. There are some things you need to do to keep real estate agents loyal to you otherwise your work goes in vain.

Real Estate Marketing Strategies – Increase Your Power to Attract Prosperity, Part One

Start believing in the power of yourself! Here are some tips to help you create the life you want.

Change the Focus of Your Real Estate Marketing

Avoid the traditional real estate marketing that loses steam in just a few months. Focus your attention on the customer with your online marketing efforts and start generating more business.

Does Your Real Estate Agent Have an Internet Presence?

Gone are the days of just putting a sign in the yard and throwing a home in the local Multiple Listing Service and holding an occasional open house. The world has changes and the real estate industry has changed with it. Believe it or not many agents are still reluctant to embrace this new technology.

PR For Property Managers During the Recession

When marketing budgets are tight, public relations strategies give commercial and multi-family real estate managers a leg up on the competition. This article gives building managers some tools to use to get the word out to through the press about the benefits of leasing space in their properties.

Loan Modification Marketing Series – Ad Campaign Tracking and Analytics

Tracking your marketing and advertising campaigns is incredibly crucial to their effectiveness. You need to track who and where every lead comes from, which leads ended up paying you and how much, how much money and time went into each marketing and advertising effort, which leads were better than others in non-monetary ways, how many referrals have come from each lead source and how frequently, and more.

Loan Modification Marketing Series – Follow-Up Marketing System

This is the seventh article in an excellent marketing series exploring how to market for loan modification clients. This article covers how to get lots of referrals from past clients, no matter if their modification was successful or not.

Real Estate Mailings – Get More Expired Real Estate Listings

Every real estate agent has used some form of real estate postcard marketing over the span of their career. Yet many of these agents waste thousands of dollars a year because they don’t make smart decisions about who to send their real estate mailings to and what the mailings should contain. As an agent for the past decade, I have made a fantastic living by using real estate mailings to generate expired real estate listings. This article will explain how I do it and how you can use real estate postcard marketing to beat your competition and dominate your local market. The best part is, if you use these steps, you’ll save thousands of dollars every year on your mailings and sell more houses than you ever have!

Make it Big With the Open House Show

While the concept of open house is gaining popularity in real estate, it is becoming immensely competitive for the realtors to plan the whole scenario. Right from creating an attractive yard sign to that of getting the right buyers, realtor’s job is getting more creative by the day. A quick through a guide can help you glide efficiently through the whole process.

Real Estate Marketing – Tips to Make Your Listing Flyers a Success!

Every agent needs flyers to market their listings. Over the years, I have created hundreds of flyers of various shapes and sizes. In creating flyers, there are several “best practices” to keep in mind – to save you time, money, and get sales!

Yard Signs and Popular People Using Them

When it comes to the marketing, advertisers are always in search of every media vehicle which has caused a great impact on people and lowered the cost. The concept holds true in event marketing, celebrity marketing and all other cadres of marketing are included within. Nevertheless, even political entities such as John McCain and Ron Paul have to adhere to the same paradigm.

Writing Tips For Real Estate Agents

How do you make thousands of dollars in real estate income for the next decades? Many Real Estate agents focus on many aspects that go into running a great Real Estate Agency. However, many ignore the most important aspect, which can guarantee to give them an edge over their competitors. What is that one secret weapon that can drastically increase their revenue streams? Simply put, writing well is one way that will guarantee success. In this article, I will outline a few writing tips, which could considerably improve Real Estates incomes.

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