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Real Estate Marketing – Picture Perfect Postcards

A marketing device that has worked well for Real Estate Agents in the past is farming an area with postcards. However, in this market – or for newer agents – there is more to it than just sending out a “Hi! I’m a new agent in your area!” postcard to randomly selected people.

How Using Testimonials Can Change Your Business Forever

Discover how one small adjustment in your business could change the way you are perceived forever. By implementing this one simple marketing technique, it could be the nail the shuts the coffin on more sales. Increase your conversion rate dramatically by using testimonials.

UK Property Market Prospects For 2009

With the UK property market ending 2008 showing significant falls in both prices and number of sales attention has turned to the prospects for the coming year. Opinion is divided on what we can expect for 2009. Some property experts predict that the market will stabilise or even begin to recover whilst others less optimistically expect things will continue to decline further. For anyone involved in UK property from home owners to estate agents and mortgage lenders the future prospects of the housing market is clearly of great importance.

Loan Modification Marketing Series – Sales Dating Plan

This is the sixth article in a series exploring how to market for loan modification clients. This article covers the sales “dating” plan. This is the process a loan modification sales person must follow to convert leads into clients into closed deals.

Loan Modification Marketing Series – Electronic Marketing Continued

This is the fifth article in a series exploring how to market for loan modification clients. This article covers several topics on electronic marketing, including pay per click (PPC) advertising, banner ads, web 2.0/social networking, and buying leads.

Loan Modification Marketing Series – Electronic Marketing

This is the fourth article in a series exploring how to market for loan modification clients. This article covers several topics on electronic marketing, including creating a great website, search engine optimization (SEO), blogging, and Craigslist.

Do You Know How to Market Your Apartments?

Do you really know how to market your apartments? Most management companies are still stuck in the past. Find out ways that you can outperform your competition!

Obama’s Marketing Magic

Whether or not you are an Obama supporter, his campaign proved one thing – his campaign’s marketing strategies worked like magic! Obama literally came from “nowhere” to become Leader of the Free World. I’ve been working REALLY hard these past 12-18 months – and making LESS! I’m ready to try something new. In fact, I MUST try something new! How about you?

Realtors – Learn to Sell Multiple Properties to Investors

We are currently in a market with tough lending guidelines, and a high number of foreclosures. It is tougher for the average person to purchase a home, meaning Realtors have to work harder than ever to find qualified clients. This is the very reason I have chosen to spend much of my time working with investors.

Top 3 Real Estate Selling Mistakes

No matter whether the real estate market is going up or down, there are some things you can do to almost guarantee that your home will sell faster, easier and for a little more money than compared to a similar house in the same street. However there are some big real estate selling mistakes that many home owners overlook that could affect their ability to sell their properties. Let’s look at some of the biggest real estate selling mistakes home owners make.

How to Evaluate Bank BPO Department Lists

With the downturn in the real estate market, many agents have started looking into how to process BPOs for banks to supplement their income. This has spurred a number of providers to offer lists of different BPO bank departments. These lists general cost between $99 and $175 each. Some of these lists are great. Others are worthless. Here are the keys to evaluating the different lists without having to buy them first.

5 Keys to Unique Business Card Designs That Sell Your Brand

Your business cards are just as important as your enterprise itself. They are the first thing your sales prospect sees when they make their first impression on you. They are the last thing they see before they call you to buy.

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