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Australian Property Market on a Knife-Edge

Predicting the future of the property market is always fraught with risk, but the current global financial crisis is making the task virtually impossible. The Australian media are full of conflicting opinions from property experts on where the market is headed, making it even harder for the average home owner or investor to plan for the future. Real estate markets in most parts of the USA have taken a hammering over the last two years, and the big question in Australia is: will the same thing happen here?

5 Reasons You Need a Ghostwriter For Your Real Estate Marketing Materials

Real estate agents know the importance of professional marketing materials. But what can they do when they have little time, ability or no patience to create cohesive marketing materials that promote their real estate business? It may be time to consider hiring a professional ghostwriter.

Real Estate Marketing Advice – Check Up on Your Realtor and Review Your Online Listing Information

Sellers need to cooperate and check the Internet sites to ensure that their property is being marketed correctly. Sellers can also feel secure that their ability to self-market can be just as good if not better than any given Realtor.

Enthusiasm in Real Estate Sales Comes Before Marketing

Enthusiasm is something we all seem to be losing nowadays. It is very important to keep hopes high as we are transmitting our enthusiasm to our clients every single day we open up our business. Tough times require optimistic sales people, this is the very first step in every Marketing Plan Do we really want to succeed?

Spanish Property Crash – The Spanish Property Crisis Explained

The news from Spain, at the moment, is hardly encouraging for those wishing to buy here. Almost daily there are reports of Spanish property developers going bankrupt and Spanish property prices have been sliding for the past two years, with a major downward acceleration occurring over the last few months.

Who Else Wants More Real Estate Leads?

The real estate industry is in the worst shape than it’s ever been – at least in my lifetime. More than a million homes are in foreclosure and things look like they’ll get worse before they get better. An upside to this is that leads are plentiful; people need to sell and others want to buy. In this context real estate leads abound.

Realtors Are Making it From Their Homes

Real-estate brokers are struggling these days due to the housing market. Some have ventured to their basements so they do not have to pay that high rent on a building outside of their home.

Bringing a Glimmer of Cheer to the Housing Market

Traditionally a buoyant time of year, the Autumn demand for property should bring a glimmer of cheer to the housing market. Property sales for the month are expected to be higher than the Summer and some stability appears to be returning to the market place.

5 Reasons Not to Have a Real Estate Blog

Not all agents are created equal. Some have blogs. Many do not. Are you a real estate agent without a blog? There could be a good reason why you shouldn’t consider adding a blog to your real estate website. Maybe you see yourself in one of those reasons…

A Compelling Blog For the Realtor

Many real estate professionals have blogs that they use to gain readers and hopefully generate leads, both without and within the real estate community. While this type of social networking can be a good way to get your voice heard out there, you must be cognizant of the fact that it is competing with thousands of other blogs out there that are about real estate and some of which are probably produced by some pretty compelling writers.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing Essentials – Is Your Service Remarkable?

Your most highly valued asset in your luxury real estate marketing practice is your database of contacts, particularly those who would go out of their way to refer business to you because you have earned their trust and respect. It stands to reason that understanding and consistently implementing the best practices for building a high volume of high-trust relationships will not only yield a high volume of referrals, it will also open up the opportunity to sell your practice in the future at a premium. To do this you must deliver remarkable service.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing Essentials – Are You a Lemonade Tycoon?

Every economy has its opportunities and its people who prosper. While you are reacting, grumbling, complaining and blaming someone for this mess you are blind to opportunities, and you are a bear to be around. A better use of your time would be finding out where the fish are biting in your market place. Now is a wonderful time to secure and expand your market share.

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